Success Rates

Success Rates

The Donor Egg Bank USA network began shipping egg lots between fertility programs nearly 3 years ago. Our collaboration of fertility practices continues to grow and clients now have the convenience of using frozen donor eggs both nationally and internationally.

Success Rates

The above chart encompasses 1,268 embryo transfers that were completed in all programs. Donor Egg Bank USA requires that all network programs reports every cycle that is completed within the network. Success rates may vary by fertility practice and are slightly lower in Canada due to single embryo transfer regulations.

Through our experience, we have found 5 mature eggs to be needed to produce embryos sufficient for transfer with a very good success rate. The frozen donor eggs in our network are all mature and egg lots range between 5 - 8 eggs on average. The egg lot size available for each donor can be viewed in the donor database. We believe that when physicians and embryologist share knowledge and resources, patients will have the best opportunity to achieve their dream of having a baby.

Success Rate Mother and Baby

Our Egg Lot Assurance

We know that egg survival is not indicative of egg quality and therefore we take the additional step of guaranteeing a good quality embryo by day 3. The Donor Egg Bank USA network provides only mature eggs for sperm insemination. If all eggs available in the egg lot are thawed and fertilized, we guarantee at least one or more normal developing embryos will be available for transfer by day 3, unless there is a known male factor which would prevent normal embryo development.

In 48% of egg thaws, sufficient embryos have been available for both a transfer and an embryo freeze. In the unlikely event, that a good embryo is not available by day 3, then clients electing the Single Cycle Financial Plan will be provided a new egg lot and for clients in our Assured Refund Plan, the cycle will not count as one of the 6 attempts.

We offer this assurance not only for your peace of mind but because we are confident in the quality of the donor eggs provided in the network. We also make this assurance available to all programs in the network and not just a select few.